Ceretic Guletic

King of Alt Clut


Ceretic was the first king of Alt Clut (Strathcluaide) in this period, and perhaps the first to be recognised by Britain’s administration. However, it seems certain that the kingdom was created in AD 148 by a descendant of the last free High King of Britain, Caratacus. This was one of the ‘four kingdoms of (Lowland) Scotland’ which held the territory between ‘proper’ Roman Britain and the Pictish north. Most of them may have maintained Roman client kingdom status for much of their existence before 409.

Ceretic ruled his territorium from the place from which the kingdom took its name, a rocky promontory overlooking the Clyde. This capital became known as the Fort of the Britons, Dun Breaton (and later, Dunbarton). Policing the western half of the Antonine Wall as a probably Roman client chieftain, Ceretic and his descendants forged a strong but poorly recorded kingdom which, alone amongst the British kingdoms outside Cymru, was never successfully conquered by the English. Instead, after becoming a Pictish/Scottish satellite state in the ninth century, it was fully merged within Scotland in the eleventh century.

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Ceretic Guletic

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